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The completeness tool
for Wikidata

Featured entities
“to complete or not to complete, that is the question”
Entity completeness information

Display any Wikidata entity enriched with completeness information for each of its properties

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Completeness statement management

Help COOL-WD improve by adding new completeness statements or by removing incorrect ones

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Completeness analytics

Aggregate completeness statements and analyze the completeness of classes of entities

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Query completeness evaluation

Process any SPARQL query over Wikidata and evaluate the completeness of the query answer

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Query completeness evaluation

The cool people
Fariz Darari
Simon Razniewski
Radityo E. Prasojo
Werner Nutt
TQTK Project
The Quest to Know
CANDY Project
Completeness-Aware Querying and Navigation on the Web of Data
MAGIC Project
Managing Completeness of Data
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